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HELP phone disconnects, line speeds, and modems.

We at Saturn Internet have taken GREAT pride and pains to try to ensure that our phone lines are clean, and modems are in best of shape. At one point we did have some problems (several months ago) with our phone lines, and after much time we worked with our telephone company to carefully fix and check our lines so that we believe that you should be getting good clean connections. We have regular customers log into Saturn for many hours at a clip and don't get disconnects. I can testify that I log into Saturn and for the past several months have not had unexpected disconnects until just the other day (around 8/1/96) when I noticed noise on my telephone line (actually both of my lines at home). I am currently working with the telephone company. They called me back and said it was "all fixed". I asked them if they had found any problems and they said "no, doesn't it sound better". The noise on my line was happening when it was windy. I listened for a while and then heard some noise so they said they would have someone check it out. So if I had not asked them what they found for a problem, and told them that I do a lot of work from my home, they would not, in this situation, done anything. And for an average consumer, who is unaware of the many facets required to produce a good connection as well as a common belief that the telephone company has to be right, they would then believe that the telco must have done all they could do, and as such, further problems must be Saturn's problem. This is NOT necessarily true!!!!! Read on :)

We have also spent the worth while time, effort, and resources to upgrade our modems with the latest ROM software (the programs that run inside the modem). Recent improvements in this software have many many references to better connections, speed and so forth (here is a sample of some of the important changes from one of our modem vendors, not intended reading for the non technical).

We also worked with some of the top technical folks at the modem manufactures to find the best "initialization string" for our modems. The modem is greatly controlled by the "initialization string", which tells the modem what modes to operate. In talking to some qualified technical folks, as well as key telephone contacts (you get them when you tell them how many people are depending on having quality connections) we have learned a lot and applied a lot at our facilities.

In summary, we have worked hard to improve our connection and modem end, but "a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" can not be over emphasized here.

Here is what YOU need to do check and recheck for your part. Note that all of these are important if you want the best connection:

  1. Does your modem have the latest ROM code?
    ROM code consists of programs that run on your modem. This software works very hard and is responsible for transferring reliable data, not giving up -retrying instead of hanging up, as fast as possible.
  2. Do you have a good telephone connection from your modem to the telephone company "network interface"?
  3. Check for other problems, such as the modem to PC interface, PC software and so forth.
  4. Ever wonder how fast you were really connecting? Take a look at this!
  5. Other great links:
  6. Don't give up, fix it!
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