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Parenting: PARENTS PLACE.COM, Parenting, Parents, Baby -- the parenting resource center on the web. Keywords: parenting, parents, baby, family, kids
Sprouts Theatre for Children

Computer Support

Linux Software Map
Welcome to the Supra InfoBahn
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Livingston Enterprises WWW Home Page
Welcome to Gateway 2000
Helix Software
Microsoft Corporation Product Support
Pinnacle Micro - Home Page

Job Search (Newspapers)
America's Job Bank (U.S. Employment)
Career Resource Homepage (RPI)
Job Header -Boston Globe
Job related -Internet News Groups (RPI)
JobHunt: On-Line Job Meta-List
Online Career Center
Welcome To MAS--NH
HOTJOBS Online Technical Employment Center
CareerCity Jobs Databases
Management Recruiters of Boston

Non Profit


Beginner's Emacs (and more!)


Private Idahoe - mail and other - Popular Cryptography
ssh- windows Data Fellows World-Wide Web Server
Java Security: Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome at Comerwell's
MIT distribution site for PGP
Where I got dos pgp


Magnavox Site

Links to Links

Commercial Sites Index
Master index of home pages
The Scott List


CMP Publications
Law Technology Product News
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition


Welcome to the White House
Pueblo free Consumer Information Center
Keane Online
Home Automation
United States Patent and Trademark Office
U.S. Patent/Full Text
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Juno - Free Internet E-Mail Service
FAMSF-Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Modems, companies and tips

Curt's High Speed Modem FAQ


Dave Mallett Home Page
Northern Lights Home Page

PPP Socket Apps

Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Andrew Starr's Eudora Site
Andrew Starr's Eudora for Windows Page
** wintalk like whiteboard -Tribal Voice
shareware from -- the way to find shareware on the Internet
Data Communications FAQ (Windows Version)
Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
EWAN, winsock terminal emulator - WindowsWorld on the Internet
Undernet IRC

Providers (of Internet Access)

Individual Providers

Internet Exchange Ltd.
The Xensei Corporation
ElectriCiti Home Page

Lists of providers

thedirectory of Internet Service/Access Providers & BBSes - most complete directory available
** Lists (See Other ISP link) Providers of Commercial Internet Access (POCIA)
*fair (Internet Service Providers)
** Where to Find Internet Access in Connecticut
New England Service Providers Directory

MA lists (could also include wider)

Internet Access Provider Lists for Massachusetts, USA
Area Code 617 - MASSACHUSETTS Internet Service/Access Providers & BBS directory
Area Code 508 - MASSACHUSETTS Internet Service/Access Providers & BBS directory

RI lists (could also be wider)

Internet Access Provider Lists for Rhode Island, USA
Area Code 401 - RHODE ISLAND Internet Service/Access Providers & BBS directory

Search Tools

WebCrawler Searching
excite Netsearch

Map programs

MapQuest! Interactive Atlas Welcome!
MapQuest! Welcome!

Yellow / White Pages

Find where a server lives - IP Address to Latitude/Longitude
** Find street, phone, and email, more! Yahoo! People Search
FIND people, business, Switchboard
excite Netsearch
HOME TEAM: Advanced Search Site


CommerceNet Home
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Welcome to Pizza Hut!

Speech pgms and headsets

Electronic Assistant-voice contact person-Wildfire Communications Inc.
Headsets Ahern Communications Corporation - Business Communications Experts


Linux Multicast Information
Welcome to the Linux Home Page

Web Client Tools

The Netscape Communications Universe
Welcome to Netscape Navigator Version 1.1

Internet Multimedia

Welcome to RealAudio !
Macromedia: Shockwave Download Center
** David For sources, see PPP Socket Apps below
Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software
Index of /General/Internet/

Web Server

Microsoft Site Builder Network

Server Applications, not cgi specific

Analog: a WWW server logfile analysis program

Servers (kinda old)

*DOCS of server, Status of the W3C httpd
CERN HTTP server status
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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